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Hindi News Paper, Dainik Jagran brings Latest News in Hindi on Politics, Business, Bollywood,Cricket, Lifestyle, Education, Entertainment, sports and more from India and around the world.

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ICTBroadcast is an innovative carrier grade multi tenant SMS, Fax & Voice broadcasting software solution built over open source asterisk, It is unified telemarketing engine and smart auto dialler that can scaled to blast thousands of simultaneous calls

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Tarjeta de circulacion con chip - From May 2008 only all new vehicles were needed to have the chip card to process their plates. After May 2010, the program was opened to all motorists. Hurry and get one for your vehicle.

N/A 101 News Room --

Latest News About Sports, Fashion, Health, Entertainment,technology and Lots More.

N/A The United Republic of Tanzania --

Tanzania is a country in East Africa with an area of 945,087 km ². The neighboring countries are Kenya and Uganda to the north, west Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo and southern Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. View from sea level, Tanzania is a plateau about 1,000 meters extending to Lake Malawi and Tanganyika that starts from the Great Rift Valley, which includes lakes Natron, Eyasi and Manyara which separates the mountain.

N/A Tunisia, officially called the Republic of Tunisia --

Despite independence, France kept its military presence through a naval base in Bizerte until 1963. In that year, after a blockade by the Tunisian Navy, the French were forced to leave the country. The Socialist Party government Destourien (Constitutionel Rassemblement Démocratique renamed in 1988), lived with the NDP, and had continued Bourguiba's socialist policies in the early years of his term. However, during the 1970s opened the economy.

N/A bi-continental country located in Asia --

After the end of one-party period in 1945, the period between 1960 and 1980 was particularly marked by periods of political instability that led to a series of blows militares.24 liberalization of the Turkish economy that started in the early 1980 changed the landscape of the country, with successive periods of high growth and the crisis in the next decade

N/A Ukraine's modern history began with the East Slavs --

In 1945 Ukraine was one of the founding members of the United Nations Organization. The first Soviet computer (MESM) was built in Kiev Institute of Electrotechnology and became operational in 1950. According to statistics, up to January 1, 1953, of all those deported by the Soviet regime, 20% of them were Ukrainians, the second largest ethnic group with more deportations only after the Russians.

N/A Republic of Uganda, Uganda and Swahili Jamhuri --

Uganda's involvement in the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, government corruption and the delay of the government's determination to introduce reforms are factors that put into question the continuation of strong growth. In 2000, Uganda was able to meet the requirements to join the Initiative for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC), which earned him a debt forgiveness of $ 1,300 million

N/A Latest news from Venezuela --

Politically, it is organized as a federal democratic, social, law and justice, 21 independent and sovereign, whose sovereignty is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence signed in 1811.22 Its capital and seat of the federal powers of the nation is Santiago de León Caracas. The Venezuelan territory is divided into 23 federal entities, a Capital District, which includes the city of Caracas, and 12 federal agencies on water spaces.

N/A National Emblem of Vietnam --

According to Vietnamese legend, people of various tribes were born of the marriage between Lac Long Quan (King Dragon) and Au Co (goddess godmother). According to Vietnamese legend, the Vietnamese history dates back more than 4000 years. The only reliable sources, however, indicated that the Vietnamese or the history of their country dating back no more than 2700 years. In 258 to. C., Thuc Phan formed the kingdom called Au Lac

N/A Este es el titulo --

The Kingdom of Sheba, whose capital was Ma'rib, attained great power by its strategic location between India and the Mediterranean, which allowed him to monopolize the spice trade. From there it was originally supposed legendary Queen of Sheba of the Old Testament. From the third century. C., the kingdom of Saba becomes Himyarite dynasty dominated by the talk of the Kingdom of Himyar. In 572 the kingdom was annexed by Sassanid Persia.

N/A landlocked country located in south-central Africa --

Soon after, the government unilaterally declared independence in November 1965, then counting about 70,000 inhabitants of British origin. In 1973 the country closed the borders with Zimbabwe, in protest against the racist regime of Ian Smith. In 1979, Rhodesia commands in Lusaka destroyed the headquarters of the African Union guerrilla movement of the people of Zimbabwe which fights the white Rhodesian regime supported by the Zambian government

N/A Monomotapa Empire in this territory acquire a great importance --

The original inhabitants until Bantu migrations in the ninth century were the Khoisan peoples during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the Bantu Monomotapa Empire created in this territory acquire a great importance, the center of which were in the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. When in 1607 the monarch of the Portuguese empire granted the exploitation of the subsoil in the area, already in decline that once, thanks to its gold mines.

N/A The best Andalucia online --

The anthem of Andalusia is a musical composition by José del Castillo Díaz15 with lyrics by Blas Infante. The music is inspired by the Holy God, a popular religious song that peasants and laborers in some regions Andalusian singing during siega.16 Blas Infante brought the song to the attention of Maestro Castillo, who adapted and harmonized the melody. The anthem appeal to the Andalusians to mobilize and ask "land and freedom"

N/A Heritage of the king of Aragon in the Middle Ages --

The relief of Catalonia has, broadly speaking, three general geographical structures: the Pyrenees, the mountain formation that connects the Iberian Peninsula with mainland Europe and is located north of Catalonia, another unit formed by an alternation of hills and plains parallel to the Mediterranean coast, called Catalan Mediterranean System or Catalan coastal ranges and a final structural unit located between the above named central depression